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Tom "TJ" Hickey

Tom “TJ” Hickey is an entrepreneur; he has created many successful businesses in New York and nationally. For over 20 years, Tom has dedicated his efforts to scouting and developing fighters, and helping them achieve their goals of becoming champions. Tom’s boxing management skills and experience are well known, especially his concern for the well-being of fighters and their families, and all aspects of their lives including health, defensive skills, conditioning and financial success.

Tom owns and operates Shannon’s Angle, a training gym in Jupiter, Florida. This serves as the camp for his boxing and MMA fighters. Along with his trainers, he is presently managing a number of professionals as well as developing a number of amateurs for The Golden Gloves and the Olympics. Tom is a coach with USA Boxing and is actively involved with professionals in the boxing industry throughout the world.


SEPT 14TH 2012

Jason Gavern 21-10
Nate James 6-1
Curtis Harper 4-1
David Loy 4-1 (Sweden)
Sean Bennett 3-1
Vivian Harris 29-7

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